The term “Awam ki adalat” is increasingly being used in TV programmes and even by politicians in the National Assembly in contradiction to the role of Superior Courts. This wrong trend has been accentuated in the wake of latest judgment by the Supreme Court in punishing the Prime Minister Mr Yousuf Raza Gilani in a historic decision of Contempt of Court. The Prime Minister has gone on record to address the Speaker in a mode as if she can sit over the judgment of Apex Court as a final arbiter and interpreter of Constitution and the law which is not right as Supreme Court is the final arbiter and interpreter of Constitution. There are no two opinions on this cardinal issue. The Khulfa-i-Rashideen appointed the Qazis but they were subject to the decision made by the Qazis even in their own cases. When a dispute arose in the election of George W.Bush and Algore as to who had got maximum votes it was the US Supreme Court Judges who decided the issue between the contending parties. The Prime Minister is unfortunately living in a fool’s paradise by imagining that he can get away by slogans and rose petals showered by his party workers while he has become a common criminal now after being punished by the Honorable Supreme Court. He must realise the seriousness of his position and not complicate his case by playing to the gallery packed by his cohorts. If he has an iota of self-respect he ought to resign forthwith and spare the nation torture of his addresses that do not convince the people of Pakistan.


Lahore, April 28.