RAWALPINDI- City Traffic Police Education Wing on directive of City Traffic Officer Bin Ashraf accelerated the public awareness campaign about traffic rules and road safety.

Road users, particularly those who use social media have been advised to visit City Traffic Police page to get information about traffic rules and road safety. The CTO said that awareness pamphlets were being distributed among the road users during special traffic awareness campaign. The traffic police officers had been directed to ensure that the road users strictly observe traffic signs, signals, traffic rules and regulations on the city roads, he added.

He said that the pamphlets were being distributed among the public, especially frequent road users, to spread awareness about traffic rules. Bin Ashraf said that lectures, seminars, walks and radio programmes were being arranged besides using other mediums of communication to spread awareness among the general public. T

he CTP officials were creating traffic rules awareness among the citizens, as well as striving hard to regulate the city traffic, he added.

Moreover, he said the citizens, during the awareness campaign, being informed that the use of mobile phone while driving is dangerous and the habit should be avoided altogether.

The Education Wing had been making efforts to spread road safety awareness among the public so that road journey could be made safe and easy for all road users.

The CTO advised the citizens particularly the students to visit CTP’s social media facebook page to get information about traffic rules. The page has all the information about traffic guidance, awareness, driving licenses, learning permits, traffic updates, precautionary measures to avoid road accidents, information for motorcyclists, risks involved in one-wheeling, parking and other rules and what should be the role of the parents.

The activities of traffic awareness campaign were also being shared on the page, he said adding that the citizens could give their feedback and proposals on the page.