Suddenly a plethora of write-ups have swarmed the newspaper pages and on the wire mounting surprising attacks on the iron-man Asif Ali Zardari especially when he is leading the dictatorial forces-infested Pakistan in complete transition to democracy. Saddling Asif Ali Zardari in the Presidency seems to be on the model of South African transition into complete democracy when their national hero and jailbird Nelson Mandela took the office of the President of Apartheid-free South Africa in April 1994. Pakistan is also undergoing the nerve-breaking process of complete transition to democracy with Presidential election scheduled for September 06 after the general elections in February 18, 2008. Pakistan Peoples' Party and its allies won a landslide victory in the election demolishing the King's Party. Fed up with the dictatorship, Pakistanis elected their representatives to rule and take out the country from chaos, uncertainty, lawlessness, terrorism, and a pre-planned price-hike. Country's most popular leader Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto sacrificed her own life to get rid of dictatorial forces and for complete transition to democracy. Now that with the macro-transition to full democracy is a week away, several questions and doomsday scenarios are being painted in the media for Pakistan is going for the first time to elect its constitutional President after eight years of unconstitutional rule. The personality of PPP's Presidential candidate is being targeted for baseless accusations and claims. The forces who want sham democracy are out against him for the reason that the political vultures have always groomed and nourished in an undemocratic rule. Political leaders with direct contact of people are being attacked for a People's President in the Presidency sends shivering waves to the undemocratic and anti-people elements in the Establishment. These elements have sucked the blood of people of Pakistan by inducting hired, freewheeling, and freelance puppet politicians disenfranchising the entire nation. As Co-Chairman PPP Senator Asif Ali Zardari walks to the Presidency for the first time as People's President after long decades, the jackals across the world, national and provincial capitals have started in chorus. As Powers Rest With The People, hence let the people elect their President instead of playing into the hands of those Establishment powers who are afraid from a People's President and are running to their holes unsuccessfully trying stop the raining democracy. The writer is member PPP's federal council