United State’s leading broadcaster SoundView Broadcasting, in collaboration with consulting firm Green Card Capital, announced the launch of its first annual “Heroes of Pakistan” Short Film Competition, beginning September 1st, 2013.

Both companies are inviting aspiring filmmakers of all ages from across Pakistan to enter by submitting an original video piece between one and five minutes in length. The deadline is October 31st, 2013. Contest Finalists will be eligible for a $1,000 First Prize, a $500 Second Prize and a $250 Third Prize, in addition to television airings on SoundView Broadcasting’s Pakistani channels in the USA and possibly around the world as well as production and internship opportunities with SoundView. Submissions must be made via the official entry form on the Green Card Capital website. Complete rules can be found at

This year’s competition is documentary-focused and the theme is “No Pain, No Gain”. Filmmakers are asked to focus on a hero of Pakistani origin they believe is trying to make Pakistan and/or the world a better place. A “hero” can be anyone —man or woman — from an internationally recognized personality to the seemingly average person next door. The tone can be inspiring, humorous, sophisticated or raw. What’s important is the creator’s perspective on the human struggle and how perseverance shaped their hero.

Shorts can be in any acceptable documentary form - interview, informational, news report, etc. - and must tell a story. They should be in a High Definition video format and primarily in the English and/or Urdu languages. Every submitted film must be an original piece of work with all content owned in its entirety by the entrant and must be suitable for a family audience. A panel of judges will select contest Finalists, which will be placed on the Green Card Capital site and, starting December 1st, the public will be invited to vote for the Grand Prize Winners. Winners will be announced on or around December 14th, 2013.

SoundView Broadcasting has approached major Pakistani institutions of learning with an open invitation to play an essential part in the Green Card Capital “Heroes of Pakistan” Competition. Those seeking further information are advised to visit the Green Card Capital website (] for contest rules, detailed instructions on submitting a video and volunteer guidelines.