QUETTA - Most of the Balochistan Assembly members stayed away from the proceedings on Thursday, forcing the Speaker to adjourn the session for lack of quorum.

ANP’s Engineer Zamrak Khan pointed out the lack of quorum and left the House. After the counting, only 17 members were present on which JUI’s Gul Muhammad Dummar and his party female members also left the House. Consequently, there were only 12 members left in the House while 17 members are must for quorum.

The Speaker ordered for ringing the bell but it could do nothing as the quorum remained below the required number and the Speaker was left with no other option but to adjourn the session for an hour.

After a break of half-an-hour, the quorum couldn’t be completed and the Speaker adjourned the session till Friday’s evening.

The lack of interest indicated some differences among the members of the treasury benches that led to adjournment of the Assembly session. Sources said the PML-Q and PML N assembly members were present at the Speaker’s Chamber but didn’t participate in the session.

Meanwhile, the PML N and its main ally, the PML-Q had decided not to participate in the Assembly proceeding only to record their protest for being ignored in the decision-making process.