ISLAMABAD: A Low Vision Aids Project for the prevention and control of blindness was launched at the National Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine (NIRM) that will facilitate the general public to provide them free of cost medical services.

The project launched Thursday is a public-private partnership between the hospital and Sight Savour International, an international non-governmental organisation, to facilitate the low vision patients.

Dr Khawaja Rizwan, Head of Eye Department of NIRM, during the lunching ceremony explained that people with low eye vision whom vision cannot be improved through medicines or operation would be provided free of cost  devices to help improve vision.

He informed that about 3.5 million people in Pakistan suffer from low eye vision and there was a huge demand of such project. He said legal blindness or a moderate low vision starts from less than 6/20 and Cataract and Glaucoma are the two main diseases of blindness.

He stated that a normal person can easily read small letters from the distance of six meters is called 6/6 vision. 

Secretary of Capital Administration Development and Division (CADD) Shaighan Sharif Malik speaking on the inauguration ceremony announced that a fund would be created at the hospital in which affording patients will be able to contribute of their own free will so that the more and more non-affording patients can be treated.  He said blindness is curable in some areas of the world and in Pakistan, doctors are also working on this side. He announced that the current week would be celebrated, as a week of low vision blindness during which there will be free of cost checkups for patients.–Staff Reporter