LAHORE - PTI chairman Imran Khan has warned the quarters concerned of leading a massive campaign against the alleged electoral foul play if the party failed to get justice.

Addressing the party leaders and workers in Samanabad (NA-122) here on Thursday, he asked them to be ready for a major drive and said, “I’ll lead a massive campaign against the election rigging if the quarters concerned denied justice to his party.”

He made this announcement under a strong pressure from an old guard who desires restoring the aggressive posture of the party, which led it to grab its first major political success at Minar-e-Pakistan.

He said, “PTI believes in getting its rights through constitutional and lawful means; however they are ready to get their demands met through protest if they are denied justice.”

Imran questioned why National Assembly Speaker Sardar Ayaz Sadiq, who got elected from NA-122, filed a writ petition in the LHC against the Election Tribunal order for public inspection of the election record and ballot papers if he didn’t commit any foul play during the May 11 General Elections. The cricketer-turned-politician said, “The judiciary has taken notice of his remarks but why it is not taking action against those who have hijacked the public mandate through undemocratic practices.”

The PTI chairman appealed to the Supreme Court that it should not restrict itself only to four constituencies but it should also look into the matter of rigging in other constituencies through thumb impression verification of the ballots. “We’ll accept the apex court verdict whether it is in our favour or against us,” he added. He claimed, “There are two different laws prevailing in the country of which one is meant for the PML-N, while another is for the PTI.” He said that traditional political parties made all efforts to put the PTI out of power fearing it would provide justice to all.

Imran questioned how 8,000 votes had been polled at a polling station, where the staff had copies of 1,500 hundred ballots only. “Is it a joke if the NA-103 Returning Officer says that 26 bags of the votes are missing and repelling will be held?”

The PTI chairman said, “Why the PML-N is avoiding the local bodies’ polls on party-basis if it is a popular party and got eight million votes the elections.” He said that he would extend a friendly hand to the prime minister if the later brings back the money plundered by PPP co-chairperson Asif Ali Zardari.

Alleging the rulers of getting power through rigging and corrupt practices, he questioned how they could eliminate corruption. He said the rulers had failed to fulfil a single promise they had made during the election campaign. He added that the rulers, who had backtracked from their promise of ending power loadshedding in six months, could not do it even in five years.

Imran directed the party workers to organise themselves for the challenge of local bodies’ polls by keeping in view their mistakes in the general elections and by-polls. He apologised over the torture of media members at the hands of his party activists and promised to take action against the responsible.