Selena Gomez can completely identify with her “spunky” Getaway character.

The actress-and-singer stars in Getaway, an action film about a young woman whose car is commandeered by a former race-car driver.

Selena plays The Kid and while her name might be ambiguous, the 21-year-old can really relate to the way her character feels.

“The Kid is spunky and edgy and really cool. I get her angst and why she’s that way…. with her dad and the frustration of her wanting to be on her own,” she mused to Flicks and Bits.

“She knows a lot about cars and technology, which I know nothing about [laughs], so that was interesting for me and a big challenge to familiarise myself with.”

Ethan Hawke takes the lead role in the movie.

Spring Breakers star Selena learnt a great deal from working with the Hollywood actor.

“He probably doesn’t realise it, but every time Ethan speaks I take away so many pearls of wisdom. I had my first script, the first draft, when we were rehearsing. I would put ‘Ethan’ on the side and just write down quotes of what he would say because he just has so much knowledge [laughs]. I had so much fun working with him and I learned so much,” she gushed.