Parents of a girl burned their daughter following instructions of a Pir while another woman suffered brain haemorrhage after a Pir subjected her to severe torture over giving birth to second daughter.

As per details, in Labbar, a suburban area of Multan, Jatti Mai was suffering from fits of unconsciousness. Upon which when she visited her parent’s home they took her to a fake Pir.

The Pir directed her parents to light the fire to the chain of herbs around her neck, which engulfed the entire body of Jatti Mai. Later on she was shifted to Nishtar Hospital in critical condition. The Muzzafargarh Police have registered a case and started raids to arrest the Pir. In another incident in Sargodha, In-laws of a woman identified as Sobia handed her over to fake Pirs to get ‘Evil Spirits’ out from her on the birth of her second daughter. The Pirs subjected her to violence by locking her in a room for nine days.

Due to violence, Sobia suffered from brain haemorrhage and viewing her critical condition the in-laws took her to a local hospital where doctors refused her to admit due to her critical condition.

However, her in-laws shifted her to a Lahore hospital. It is to be noted that Sobia was married off to Kamran some four years ago.