ISLAMABAD - After a brief sigh of relief during bye-elections, loadshedding once again reared its ugly head and multiplied miseries of the masses as power shortfall till Thursday has exceeded to 35,000mw.

Interestingly, a few days ahead and after the bye-elections in the country, masses witnessed a little relief in loadshedding ostensibly because of settling circular debt with a payment of Rs503billion to the companies of country’s power sector.

Similarly, recent monsoon rains have also helped overcome the shortfall. The rain has not only enhanced production of hydel electricity but reduce its demand. Announced and unannounced hours long power outages ranging between 8-12 hours has plunged the whole country into darkness while routine life and business activities remained suspended to some extent in rural areas and urban centres as well.

Sources in power sector told this scribe that the total power generation now a day is around 13000mw against the demand of 16500mw while shortfall reached 3500mw to worsened the miseries of common man. They said about 10-12 hour power outages hit the rural areas hard while 8 to 10 hours loadshedding is being carried out in urban centres of the country.

The protest demonstrations and rallies against long loadshedding has become a routine phenomena as no let-up in worsening power outages has devastated the routine life. Even, the irritated innocent citizens most often took to the streets against hours long unannounced loadshedding.

Background interviews and discussions with the energy experts have painted a very bleak picture of the power situation in the country. They said that there seems no respite at hand to end the spiralling up power crisis.

The government mere giving media statements is not taking concrete measures to deal with the real issues of power crisis involving reforms and restructuring of the entire power sector after the backdrop of 18th amendment.