ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) Director General Syed Amir Hamza Gilani termed his meeting with Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Assistant Director Ijaz Sheikh as very successful and conducive.

In an interview with The Nation on Thursday, Gilani said: “I have great respect for law and that was the main reason I appeared personally in the FIA. I explained in detail all the allegations leveled against the PSB and provided them with the complete record.”

“The FIA official appreciated our gesture and was completely satisfied with the given record. I made my point clear and told him that there was no room for corruption or under the table deals in the PSB. My hands are clean and I have done nothing wrong ever since I have taken over the helm of affairs of the PSB. If anyone has done something wrong, my full cooperation will be FIA in helping them in this regard and I assure them that the culprit, if found any, will not only be handed over to them but also a departmental inquiry will be conducted against him or her and the relevant person has to face the music in case of any wrongdoing, as I can't afford any corrupt to work under my command,” he added.

Gilani said: “I have also made myself available in future too if the FIA needed my help in this regard. I always emphasises on rule of law, transparency and merit. Neither I have pressure of any federation, who uses pressure tactics and try to blackmail the PSB, nor I am going to oblige them in future.”

“I am fully aware about the blackmailers and the matter of fact is that same federations, who have complained against the PSB of corruption and wrongdoings, are involved in human trafficking and forming parallel federations. When they realised their positions in the genuine bodies under threat, by doing so they brought bad name for the country both at national and international level,” he asserted.

“I had never entertained such federations in the past and I am not going to do so in future too. Ever since I have taken the post of DG PSB, I have been working hard to lift the standard of the PSB. I have enhanced the annual grants of the federations and also set up special funds for the federations who want to represent country in international events. I have offered the federations in the past and want to take this opportunity to once again offer them to bring in proposals for holding events or participation in international events. We will support all such suggestions and will allocate maximum amount of funds for such purposes, but let me tell everyone that I am not going to be blackmailed and never entertain bogus federations,” he maintained.

“My doors are always open for all such persons and federations who have been working genuinely. The PSB is bound to obey government directives and enforce Supreme Court orders in true letter and spirit regarding restriction of terms on holding of offices in federations. It is our duty to implement directives and ensure smooth functioning of all the affiliated federations. Only those federations will get the annual grants, who abide by the government sports policy and the federations failing to implement directives will not get a single penny and they will be scratched from the PSB affiliation,” Gilani concluded.