People have been deprived of healthcare as the Tehsil Headquarters Hospital Sangla Hill is faced with a myriad of problems owing to shortage of doctors and medicines.

Thus, the lives of the patients in the emergency ward are at stake as no basic facilities are available there. Hundreds of patients in critical condition visit the hospital where they succumb due to lack of basic healthcare facilities. Most of the patients are referred to Faisalabad and Lahore for better treatment. Treatment for most of the serious types of cardiac diseases and operations could not be carried out here due to unavailability of medical equipments and lab.

Hepatitis B and C vaccination is also not available in the hospital. It was found during a visit that the hospital has major mosquito breeding sites such as stagnant water and garbage in various places. No practical step has been taken by the hospital administration for eradication of dengue. The plots are full with extra grass and herbs amidst the anti-dengue campaign in the full swing all over the Punjab.

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif during his election campaign promised to strengthen the health sector of Punjab but as far as Sangla Hill is concerned, the promise has been reneged on.

Baba Saleem who came there for X-ray was disappointed after being told that the X-ray machine was out of order. “I have to leave without getting a scan as I cannot afford to get this from a private laboratory,” he added. “The doctor prescribed a blood test for me but I was told that the hospital does not have instruments for this test. Out of compulsion, I have to consult a private laboratory,” said Yasir Ali.

Moreover, patients complained against doctors that they have relation with medical reps and private laboratory owners. “We are forced to get tested by a private lab,” they said and demanded that the government should qualified and honest medical staff and provide necessary instruments, equipments and medicines at the hospital.