KARACHI - President-elect Islamic Republic of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain has stated that undoubtedly businessmen group/ Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry and business community will remain his identity.   The BMG of KCCI under the Chairmanship of Siraj Kassam Teli hosted a reception in honour of the President-elect Mamnoon Hussain, former Governor Sindh, former President KCCI and BMGIAN.  He recognised that he could not forget those memorable moments when he was elected as the President of KCCI with the sincere support of BMGIANs.  He assured that after assuming the responsibility as the President of Pakistan in next month, he will make every effort and make best measures possible to restore peace in Karachi.

He urged the business community to put their pressure on the provincial government of Sindh to control law and order situation; the Federal Government has already shown its willingness to extend its support to the Sindh Government in this respect.  He also urged the business community to keep him apprised about their problems.  Commenting on the taxation issues faced by the business community, he said that the Federal Finance Minister holds a vibrant personality who can address the issues if he is convinced. He asked KCCI to give suggestions to Finance Minister for enhancement of revenue.

Sharing views on Karachi’s law and order situation, he said that he has communicated in the party’s meeting that being the Karachiite he is well aware about the problems of Pakistan’s largest metropolitan city as well as the Sindh province and should be taken on board on all relevant matters.

He told that Interior Minister was not satisfied with the performance of the intelligence agencies and wanted to improve inter-agencies coordination to report chances of crimes before its happening to eradicate it. Pointing out recent hike in the power tariffs and energy crisis, he said that the previous government as well as the caretaker government signed agreement with IMF, therefore, the new government had no choice but to increase the power tariffs.

Progress on exploiting Thar Coal by previous government was slow. The projects of national interest must be exploited and materialised on fast track, he said. The Gadani Power initiative of new Government will produce energy of 6,000 MW on approximately cost of Rs.9 per unit.

He said that the power production was enhanced from 11,000 MW to 17,000 MW. In the next three years, the government will drastically start reducing the power tariffs. He stated that he has resigned from his political party after electing as the President of Pakistan and he endeavours to be the President of Pakistan supported by all the political parties.

Speaking on the occasion Siraj Kassam Teli, Chairman, BMG hoped that Mamnoon Hussain will act as a bridge between the Government and the business and industrial community to address the genuine problems and for the economic prosperity of Pakistan.

He voiced that President of Pakistan is a big designation which portrays the image of the country. Mamnoon Hussain as President of Pakistan will meet the Ambassadors and dignitaries from friendly countries and what he will say to the international community will represent Pakistan.

President KCCI Muhammad Haroon Agar in his welcome address congratulated  Mamnoon Hussain and urged to take immediate notice of law and order situation in Karachi and play his imperative role as the President of Pakistan to restore peace. He also drew the attention of elected President towards taxation issues of FBR.

Vice Chairman BMG and Former President KCCI Tahir Khaliq also exchanged views on this occasion. Vice Chairman BMG & Former President KCCI Haroon Farooki, Senior Vice President KCCI Shamim Firpo, Vice President Nasir Mehmood, Managing Committee Members and a large gathering of BMGIANS/ KCCI Members were present on this occasion.