ISLAMABAD - By default or by design WAPDA is under billing its consumers that ultimately will cause them pay more as the new rates will be applied from October and the consumers will pay increased price of electricity for the units they consumed prior to that increase that whereas will benefit WAPDA in earning more money.

An interesting situation has occurred that thousands of consumers are complainant of under billing as compared to the tradition that WAPDA used to send excessive units in the bills of the consumers than they actually used and masses used to visit WAPDA offices to make their bills rectified.

Consumers are again forced to visit WAPDA offices but this time they are witnessed requesting WAPDA officials to increase their bill and match it with the actual reading on the electricity meters.

Several affected who were contacted by this scribe told that they actually used more units during previous 2 or 3 months but since May and in some case from June they are being under billed.

Consumers point of view is that this under billing will damage them in two ways. Firstly if they are charged for full units now that have accumulated due to under billing that will be a large amount that might not be in a position to pay for. It is always easy to pay every month instead of accumulate the bill of 2 or 3 months, they said.

Secondly they said that when the WAPDA will send them the bill in October and provided it bills them for the whole units, the price would have been changed till then and they will have to pay increased price that they could avoid provided WAPDA sends them original bills.

Thirdly they said that as the units increase the price increase for the next slab and in that case they will face huge bills that they are actually not responsible for. Consumers demanded that WAPDA should rectify their bills to avoid this monetary loss imposed on them.

WAPDA officials whereas were reported not helping the consumers in this regard. Ijaz Ahmed a consumer told TheNation that he visited WAPDA office many times but they refused to rectify his bill. He said that he is under billed by around 4000 units than the actual reading on his meter. He also said that even if Rs 1 per unit is increased in October, he will have to pay at least Rs 4000 more that is unjustified and moreover he will have to pay for the expensive slab just that again would not be fair.

In this entire scenario only WAPDA will be benefited as it will be able to collect more money against the cheaper units that consumers already used.