WASHINGTON (Press Release) - Wishing for ‘world peace’ is easy, making it happen is more of a challenge. Nonprofit, Marshall Direct Fund (MDF) is tackling this head on by providing primary and vocational education to underserved youth and young women in Pakistan and facilitating an exchange between students in the US with students in Pakistan. MDF has been operating in Pakistan for over five years, but will be facilitating their first event in Washington, DC on September 13th with former ambassador Haqqani sharing why the world needs more Malalas.

Marshall Direct Fund was founded as a modern-day ‘Marshall Plan’ for Southwest Asia. Advised by a team of world-class experts in diplomacy, counter-terrorism, and international development, MDF aims to reduce conditions of poverty and illiteracy in Pakistan that lead to recruitment of children into extremist organizations and terrorist groups like the Taliban. With hope in a future built through education, economic empowerment, and opportunities for cross-cultural dialogue, MDF seeks to promote peace and reverse the trends from within.

Ambassador Haqqani was asked to share his experience, which is bound to be interesting given his track record for being candid. Haqqani has spoken before on the recruitment of child soldiers in Pakistan, the domestic and international threat it poses, and the importance of education and access to knowledge in order to curb its development:

“The conflicts these young kids are involved with are not conflicts of their making… every young Pakistani child who gets to go to school gets an opportunity-in life, it is one recruit denied to extremist groups…There is a great opportunity to change minds. The generation that was brought up on hate, if they are replaced by a generation brought up with a better understanding of the world, a more hopeful and positive understanding of the world, there will be less conflict! It’s a beginning...”

Mr Haqqani has a diverse range of experience as a journalist, professor, diplomat, and adviser to three Pakistani prime ministers including the late Ms. Benazir Bhutto.

The event in DC will be held at the Army and Navy Club from 6:00 to 8:00pm on September 13th(Friday).