LAHORE-Theatre festivals can be credited for not only catalysing the theatre culture in its home city, but also for providing platform for new talent. The 13-day ‘Alhamra Theatre Festival’ is all set to begin today at Alhamra Arts Council.

The two-week festival will feature 15 stage performances by renowned theatre groups including Mass Foundation, LUMS University, Zig Zag Media Production, Sangat theatre, Aks theatre, Nau-ratan Production, Punjab University, Sirimiri Production, Orange Media Production, Ajoka theatre, Azaad Theatre and many other.

As per schedule, there are many special acts lined up, starting with Mass Foundation’s play Kafan on August 30 and Gumrah, organised by the team from LUMS on August 31.

September 1 will see Jan Muhammad BA Gold Medalist by Sangat Theatre Production from Quetta, as well as Ye Shara Aam Nahin performed by Sirimir Production.

Chota Mota Theatre Production will present Bol Ke Lab Azad on September 2, with Aks Theatre Production staging their play Baajh on the same day. Zig Zag media production will present Tujh sa Nahi Ho Ga on September 3. Ajoka Theatre will stage their production on September 8, titled Mara Huwa Kutta. The festival will end on September 11, with Azad Theatre’s Akhiyaan. Alhamra Arts Council Chairman Tuqeer Nasir said, “Through Alhamra Theatre Festival, we want to revive our theatre and bring people back to serious and quality plays. Our basic aim is to celebrate the legacy of theatre in Lahore. LAC has always been a big supporter of the rich art and culture of Punjab. We have arranged this theatre festival from that sense of responsibility to honour the luminous artists of the theatre industry.”