LAHORE - The Lahore Arts Council (LAC) presented a play titled ‘My Dream Pakistan’ as part of the series of events in connection with I-Day celebrations Wednesday at Alhamra.

According to spokesman, Dr. Abid Azad has penned down the play, and directed by Qaisar Javed,Syed Nadeem Faizan and Danish Shahbir were assistant directors of the play. 

The play was based on the sacrifices of people for getting back their own separate home land from British India.

The drama showed that how many sacrifices were offered to achieve independence of Pakistan and there was no such example of the problems and difficulties of people which they faced during independence movement.

LAC Executive Director Ather Ali Khan appreciated the performances of young artists. He said”the story, character and presentation of the drama were outstanding, and I can see that our youth is determined to take the country on the path of development”.

He said: “I want to convey to my younger generation that our ancestors acquired this country after so many great sacrifices, now it is the duty of our coming generation to work day and night and make the name of this country and nation become the interpretation of dreams of Quaid and Allama Iqbal.”.