LAHORE  - The Lesco has announced eight-hours loadshedding in its urban and rural limits.

The Lahore Electric Supply Company spokesperson said that due to closure of canals, the electricity shortfall had occurred and therefore the company has to start eight hours load shedding in its limits. The spokesperson said the situation would improve by the end of January.

Meanwhile, the all power distribution companies across Punjab has started eight to 10 hours loadshedding in their limits due to decrease in hydel generation. The national grid is facing around 50 per cent shortfall in electricity demand and supply. According to the National Transmission and Dispatch Company Limited (NTDCL), the electricity generation was standing at 9200MW against the countrywide demand of 11,000MW. The electricity shortfall was touching 1,800MW, as per NTDCL. On Sunday, the hydel generation was 1430MW while the thermal power plant and IPPs shared 1520MW and 6250MW respectively in energy basket.