ESSEX-A driver whose car was sliced in half then hurled in opposite directions after hitting a road sign miraculously survived.

The family-sized car came off the M11 in Essex and collided with a large sign at 2pm on Christmas Eve.

It was split in two, with the front of the vehicle thrown into the bushes and the back left in tatters on the hard shoulder.

Incredibly, the driver and passenger escaped the horrific crash with their lives.

Nobody was trapped in the car when five fire engines arrived from Saffron Walden, Newport and Cambridge.

And paramedics were astounded to find two people sitting on the road side in a stable condition simply in need of first aid.

Incident commander Nigel Webb today said the driver, who has not been identified, made an ‘incredible escape’.

He said: ‘The vehicle had left the road and collided with a large motorway sign, the impact effectively sliced the vehicle in half sending the front of the vehicle into the nearside bushes and the rear half onto the hard shoulder, simply an incredible escape for the driver.’

There were no other drivers on the road.