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Tibilisi-A 42 year old Georgian man based in Tbilisi today broke a Guinness World record that he himself created in December 2011: having the most spoons stuck on the human body.

Two years ago, Etibar Elchiyev, called the ‘magnet man’, set the record by sticking 50 spoons on his body.

The kick-boxing trainer originally planned to break the Guinness World Record for balancing spoons on one’s face – with 27 the current target to beat.

But he made the new weird Guinness record by managing to secure 50 metal spoons around his neck and chest setting the world record for the Most spoons balanced on a human body.

Today, he succeeded in sticking 53 metal spoons, thereby breaking his own record.

There are doubts whether Elchiyev’s body really contains magnet to make the feat possible. One commentator said he is only playing smart as metallic objects will stick to a hairless, smooth body.

But Elchiyev maintains that his body acts as a magnet attracting metal objects. He discovered the magnetic property of his body a few years ago, when he magnetised a car hood to his body, with a man sitting in the car.

The eclipsed Guinness world record for the most spoons balanced on the face was achieved by Aaron Caissie (Canada) on the set of Lo Show dei Record, in Milan, Italy on 18 April 2009.

Do you believe this feat is real? Can a man’s body serve like a magnet.