ISLAMABAD - The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) on Sunday said Pakistan is steadily heading towards the most serious crisis of its history. Water scarcity has become a serious issue which is being ignored by all the stakeholders despite knowing that it is the biggest threat to our agriculture, industry and the very survival of Pakistan, said Zubair Ahmed Malik, President FPCCI.

Talking to the business community, he said that insufficiency of water has started hurting all the sectors including power generation a big chunk of the electricity is being produced through hydel sources. He said that the Government should do something about it through short-term and long-term policies before it take economy and country as hostage paving way for differences among provinces and eventually leading us to a civil war.

Zubair Ahmed Malik said that dearth of water is not an internal problem of Pakistan as its repercussions would be felt around the world.

 Pakistan and India should collectively tackle issue of deforestation and that of the controversial dams otherwise the water problem will emerge as a big threat to peace in the region, he added.

The FPCCI chief said that Pakistan is using ninety per cent of available water for agriculture of which a great part is lost due to primitive canal system and other objectionable practices while 35 million acre-feet water is being wasted to the sea every year. The level of ground water is dropping in many parts of the country ensuring problems for general population and a windfall for the tanker mafia, he noted.

Pakistani farmers uses 100 per cent more water for a crop than an Indian farmer while the ratio is 200 per cent higher as compare to China and 300 per cent higher to developed nations which has become a threat to the food security.  It is amazing that Pakistan has been facing floods every year and the water is still short of supply, Malik observed.

Sixty per cent of Pakistan’s have no access to clean drinking water resulting in disease and high child mortality rates which is painful.