BHURBAN - President Mamnoon Hussain on Sunday urged media to continue its responsibility for dealing effectively with terrorism and extremism besides promoting peace ventures in the region.

Addressing the participants of a conference here, he cautioned the media to remain vigilant against any misuse of its freedom. He said the media would have to ensure freedom of expression but at the same time, it would not allow any person or element to create unrest and law and order situation in the society.

"Pakistan is a democratic country and its people believe in rule of law and peaceful struggle for the attainment of set ideals.  Founder of Pakistan Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a thorough democratic person, who believed in such conviction," he said adding, through his democratic, legal and peaceful movement, Pakistan came into being.

The President regretted that certain elements in the society had been misusing the religion for their mundane interests but with collective efforts they would have to stop them.  "There is no clash of religions in our country, neither our religion allows it nor the constitution," he said. "Let us together, we should discourage such attempts which are cause of unrest and intolerance in the society."

President Mamnoon said as new trends in information technology have made the flow of information easier, but it also came up with extra responsibilities for media.

The present government firmly believed in freedom of media and people's right to information as no society could achieve progress without giving people the right to speak and information.

He said the establishment of a responsible government, and effective mechanisms for transparency and accountability were linked with responsible role of free and independent media.

He observed that media was not only the protector of democracy but also of the public interests and hoped that Pakistani media would continue playing its role for national progress realizing the changing trends of the time. The President expressed his satisfaction that after a long time, the peaceful and smooth democratic transition took place in the country.

The present government had a very democratic attitude and he himself as described by the speakers as 'a fatherly figure would continue playing his role in strengthening the democratic institutions and peace and prosperity of the country, he expressed his resolve.

He said the present government had a number of issues to face after coming into power and with determination, it had been heading for durable solutions to these challenges.  He referred to the development activities of brotherly country Turkey where the inflation rate had been brought down to the single digit.

He said the government was undertaking power projects like Gaddani, Karachi Civil Nuclear Power Plant, Thar Coal and Dasu Dam and soon the people of the country would be able to reap the benefits of such development projects.

He reiterated that Pakistan had rendered numerous sacrifices in its fight against extremism and terrorism that claimed lives of thousands of soldiers, security personnel and civilians besides badly damaging the national economy.

He said despite all this Pakistan remained committed and the government had the resolve to take this anti-terror fight to its logical end as per public aspirations. "The government is determined to make Pakistan a secure state.  We want to establish a durable peace in the region, so that the respective governments may concentrate on welfare of their people," the President commented.

The President noted that being inhabitants of this region, the future of the people living in this part of the globe was interlinked and with durable peace, development and prosperity, the destiny of the people would be changed.

He expressed the hope that with determination and peace endeavours, they would succeed in facing the challenges and asked the media to play its due role in guiding the people to right path besides, safeguarding the national interests.

The President also lauded the efforts for organizing such conference and its role in promoting the SAARC countries agenda of close cooperation and durable peace. He said the government appreciates such efforts aimed at regional peace and development. The President also assured the participants that the Presidency would encourage holding of events for promotion of arts and culture in the country.