LAHORE - The SNGPL task force has detected gas pilferage of worth Rs2.8 billion in Lahore during a year (January to December 2013).

Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited Lahore spokesperson said that a volume of 1662MMCF equivalent to a pilferage amount of Rs700 million had been detected and booked against non-consumers. Similarly, the spokesperson added that a volume of 4230MMCF equivalent to a pilferage amount of Rs2119 million had been detected and booked against 4815 consumers of the company. 

The total volume of pilferage had been described 5892 million cubic feet (MMCF) equivalent amount of Rs2.8 billion from consumers and non-consumers.

As per details, the team visited 24095 sites and detected theft in 899 commercial connections. The team detected 538 unauthorised networks, 201 pressure enhancement cases, 409 fake meters in domestic limits, 33 in commercial limits and 42 in industrial limits. Similarly, the team caught 35 cases of meter reversal and direct tapping in 247 domestic, 219 commercial and 20 industrial connections. A total 300 FIRs had been lodged against gas pilferers under section 462 of gas theft, said the spokesperson. 

“Teams of UFG-Task Force constituted by Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited (SNGPL) Managing Director Arif Hameed under the direct supervision of GM (Lhr) Mahmood Zia Ahmad are performing at their level best to check gas pilferage and this is only due to their efforts that such milestone has achieved,” said a statement issued by SNGPL Lahore spokesperson, adding that full support from FIA and CM Task Force has been availed in the 2nd half of year 2013.

The team members of task force are: Mahmood Zia Ahmed, GM (LHR), Navied Ashraf, CE (O&M.), Farooq Saleem Ch., SDE (UFG-C), Zaheer Iqbal Nam, E.E (UFG-C), Talat Mehmood, DE (UFG-C), Mohsin Javed, DE (UFG-C), Waqas Bukhari, Engr., Zain Tariq, Engr., Bazid Khan, D.O (V), Amin Khan D.O (V), Saleem Ullah Khan, D.O (V), Moeen ul Haq Alvi, SAE, Abdul Sattar Khan, SAE, Saifur Rehman, SAE, CH.M.Asghar, SAE, Rasheed Ahmed, Raja Moazzam, Ghulam Hussain, Meraj Khan, Naseem Kokab, Imran Raza, Farid Khan, M.Faheem Awan, Umer Tariq, Khalid Mehmood, Maqsood Iqbal, Shah Nawaz Khan, Sohail Mufti, M.Abid Akram, Shahid Ali and Aurangzeb.