LAHORE - About 54 strikes were observed in courts over different issues, particularly for violence against lawyers in different parts of the country adding to problems of common man in year 2013.

Sometimes on the call of Pakistan Bar Council and sometimes on the call of Punjab Bar Council strikes were observed collectively on different issues including National Judicial Policy, killings and violence on fellow-members and terrorists’ attacks on legal fraternity.

On January 24,the elected body of the Lahore Bar Association, the biggest bar of the country, went on strike on blasphemy from Aiwan-e-Adal to GPO chow and boycotted courts’ proceedings – on February 14th, lawyers went on strike against violence on lawyers in Islamabad district courts –  on Feb 28th, a strike was held against police’ violence on lawyers and closure of lifts in courts’ buildings –  on March 4th, the lawyers were on strike against bomb blasts in Karachi on the call of Pakistan Bar Council.

On the call of Punjab Bar Council, lawyers went on strike against violence on two lawyers namely Asrar Abasi and Niaz Abasi on March 07 while on March 9th a strike was observed as a black day to show solidarity with the then Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary over his suspension.

The lawyers also boycotted courts’ proceedings on the incident of Badami Bagh to express sympathy with Christians on March 13 and on March 14; they boycotted courts on violence against Chaudhary Muazzam advocate.

Similarly, strikes against attack on the members of Punjab Bar Council on March 27th were observed. On April 24 and 25, some lawyers were tortured by the employees of Income Tax after which a strike in district courts were obverted. Again on April 27, 28 and 29, they boycotted courts’ proceedings, demanding legal action against the employees of Income Tax, and on April 30, they a rally was conducted in this regard.

On May 4th, FIA prosecutor Chaudhary Zulfiqar was killed and the lawyers held strike on the issue on the call of Punjab Bar Council. On May 06th, Meer Amjad Nisar advocate was injured in a murder attack. On May 18, lawyers strongly condemned the non-cooperative attitude of judges at Model Town Courts and went on strike. On May 22nd and 23, lawyers held strike against the murder of advocate Zain Ghaffar Chaudhary. On May 29th, advocate Kausar Saqlain was killed along two sons in Karachi, upon which Punjab Bar Council called strike.

On June 05th and 06th, lawyers boycotted courts over the killings of Muslims in Barma. On June 10th and 11th, lawyers condemned implementation of National Judicial Policy and demanded authorities concerned for no hasty in decision.

After four days on June 15th, two hand-cuffed accused were done to death in a court of an additional district and sessions judge at District Sessions Court building due to which lawyers went on strike on the issue. On June 26th and 27th, Justice Maqbool Baqir was attacked in Karachi but he survived. However, the lawyers condemned the incident across the country.

The lawyers again boycotted courts’ proceedings and went on strike against National Judicial Policy on July 20th while Lahore Bar Association also joined hands with the strikers of the same issue on July 27th. On August 28th, police violence against Gujranwala District Bar President triggered the strike.

On September 02nd, a lawyer was killed in District Vehari and Lahore Bar Association called strike over it and boycotted courts’ proceedings. On Sep 07th, lawyer called strike against National Judicial Policy again. In District Gujrat, some lawyers were looted by dacoits upon which Punjab Bar Council called strike on Sep 11th. On Sep 14th, the National Judicial Policy again took lawyers to streets which caused serious problem for judicial work.

On Sep 18th, a senior lawyer was tortured in District Rahim Yar Khan upon which the strike was called on Sep 19. On Sep 21st lawyers protested against National Judicial Policy. On Sep 23rd and 24th, a church was attacked in Peshawar against which lawyers went on strike. Again on Sep 28th, lawyers stood against National Judicial Policy and courts’ work was disturbed.

On 02nd and 03rd of October lawyers held strike against robbery at the home of a senior advocate Latif Khan while during the same days, a strike was observed in lower courts over poor security arrangements. On Oct 11th and 12th, the Lahore Bar Association called strike on bomb blast in Old Anarkali.

On Oct 26th, some lawyers were killed due to which strike was observed in the courts. Oct 28th and 29th, strike was announced in the memory of Hakam Qureshi, father of Lahore Bar Association president Numan Qureshi. On Nov 18th, lawyers went on strike against Rawalpindi incident while on Nov 27th and 28th, they boycotted courts over violence against lawyers in Islamabad and on Dec 11th, lawyers held strike against Model Town administration over destruction of a female lawyer’s chamber.