NEW DELHI: While Jack Ma of Alibaba is promoting his e-business projects in India, local farmers are selling a unique commodity online - cow dung .

Rural communities in India are selling online the product, made by mixing fresh cow faeces with hay and then dried in the sun, which are called "patties."

Village women are making such lucrative products, which have long been used in India's farming communities to fuel fires, said local media.

This business is going global as retailers are getting huge orders for free global delivery, according to the reports.

Many customers in and outside India are also using them as gifts for birthdays of family members and friends.

People can find cow dung cakes on eBay or Amazon easily and get them within days once ordering - globally.

Local people are also using cow dung as a natural fertilizer for hooka, a local tobacco -like smoking tool with long tradition and large number of consumers.

Shops are also using the dung to purify air by mixing it with camphor, a kind of plant, and even in cooking.

While Hindus regard the cow as sacred, the animal is a benefactor of humanity for thousands of years in the Indian subcontinent.

Now it is also helping thousands of poor village women to make money with its dung, said local people engaged in the newly emerging business.