LAHORE – “I am not the only rebel. The people of Lahore also carry rebellious trends in their blood. They will rise against the traditional political forces in the next general election in favour of the PTI to bring a real change,” said Javed Hashmi, a senior PTI leader, while addressing hundreds of party activists who had gathered to welcome his in the shape of the “Rebel on the Move Rally” at Data Darbar on Sunday.

Addressing the charged party activists, mainly belonging to the party’s Youth and Student wings, claimed, “The people who claim the seat of Lahore, didn’t know the basics of the politics when he entered the political arena and the same people were his students till the time he left them.” Hashmi further claimed that the political forces protecting the status quo including all ruling factions of the Muslim Leagues, PPP and other similar parties could not counter the wave of the PTI even they get united against him and the party, adding that PTI would give them a crushing defeat in the next polls.

PTI senior leader said that Lahore had always played an important role in changing the history of the country and it was going to do it again by sending the status quo political forces to home in the next polls.He maintained that the people of this City had elected him twice and he remained with his electorate when the top leaders of the country were deserting the people to save their skins. He added that he went to jail in the process of protecting the sanctity of the mandate given to him by the people of Lahore and never made a single compromise despite several lucrative offers by Pervez Musharraf regime to switch political loyalties.

The politician from Multan while saying that PPP-led government was the leading the group of corrupt politicians questioned PML-N leadership what compels them to facilitate the corrupt rulers each time when the PPP government came in a fix due to its corrupt practices. Hashmi said that PML-N leadership instead of taking seriously the promises of the PPP with them should give importance to their promises they made with their electorate. He claimed that he would never stand by the political force, which fails to end the poverty in the country, energy crisis and other major issues directly affecting the common man.

The PTI leader said that corruption was all time high in the country, as only 10 people become richest from just rich, while the remaining populace becomes poorer from mediocre.

He said that the current rulers think that masses were not aware of their deals with foreign powers for allowing the drone attacks, kidnapping of Dr Aafia and several other Pakistanis live in fool’s paradise, as the people of this country were vigilant and the corrupt and foreign stooges would get the response of the populace in the next polls.

The PTI had taken out the rally’ to accord first welcome to Javed Hashmi in Lahore after his joining of the PTI ranks, which started from Thokar Niaz Beg and concluded at Data Darbar. However the rally could not maintain its momentum onwards from its starting point, as it became thin as only hundreds of activists remained with it when it reached its concluding point at Data Darbar. Apparently, the provincial constituency organizers of the City welcomed Hashmi when he passed through their constituency and didn’t accompany the rally till Data Darbar for the reasons not known to even the critics among the party ranks at the moment. Therefore the rally, which created quite an impression at its starting point, became a poor show of force very after the Thokar Niaz Beg. The rally started from Thokar Niaz Beg and passed through its main route of Scheme Mor, Chowk Yateem Khana, Samnabad Mor, MAO College and concluded at Data Darbar. The major participants of the rally mainly belong to PTI’s youth and student wings, which remained with Hashmi welcome rally till its conclusion.

Party activists showered petals of rose over Hashmi’s stage vehicle from the overhead bridges fall on the route of the rally, while PTI camps were set up alongside the main points of the rally, which were resounded with party songs sung by famous singers of the country.