LAHORE – The Civil Aviation Authority employees, working in the Air Traffic Control Section, have started ‘Go by the book’ in Pakistan in protest to get ATC allowance promised by CAA authorities, said a senior officer of CAA on Sunday.

Sources in CAA said that protest could lead towards delays in domestic and international flights. ATC officials were performing duties by fastening black ribbons on their arms. The protesting employees were demanding allowance up to 125 percent which was approved by the executive committee and a proposal in this regard was put up to CAA Board. An Employee said that CAA board was authority to implement the allowance which was approved by Executive committee about two years ago. Another said that Board  was only authorised to implement the same with the consent of Finance department. However a senior officer said that, ‘Go by book’ policy would not affect flight operation since they were already performing go by book. He said that officials performing duties in Aerodrome Tower Control, approach control Radar, approach control procedure, Approach Area Control and Area Control Procedure were affectees of the issue.