ISLAMABAD - Calling Mansoor Ijaz, a Pakistani origin American, a liar and fraudulent person, a group of veteran Pakistani expatriates have demanded of the government on Sunday to ensure provision of all the rights, which a human being deserves, to former ambassador Hussain Haqqani.

"Mansoor Ijaz's refusal to appear before the judicial commission, citing security concerns, is enough to prove Hussain Haqqani innocent, hence the government should ensure provision of basic rights to him as a first citizen of the state. The apex court should clear him of the allegations falsely levelled against him," Mohammad Adil Khan, a veteran Pakistani expatriate and founder of 'Pakistan Strategy Forum' said while exclusively talking to TheNation from USA on telephone. Mohammad Adil Khan, commonly known as MAK, termed Mansoor Ijaz as a fake and dubious character. He accused him of conspiring against the country's most respected ex-ambassador to the United States Hussain Haqqani. Speaking highly of Hussain Haqqani, the founder of 'Pakistan Strategy Forum' said the government should not forget that Haqqani was the man who defended Pakistan's interests in the wake of OBL killing in Pakistan.

"Let me clear it to you that ex-ambassador to the US Hussain Haqqani did a great job to bridge the gap between Pakistan and the US at a very critical time, especially following the killing of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. We, the Pakistani expatriates, are eyewitness to what Haqqani did during his tenure as an ambassador. He was the man who defended Pakistan at international fronts at a time when the world community was very much critical of Pakistan following the OBL episode. However, the way he is being humiliated in his own motherland, is teasing us all. We want his return with dignity," MAK said. Talking to TheNation from Chicago on a telephone call, MAK said it was unjust to prefer a liar to an intellectual and true Pakistani like Hussain Haqqani whose contribution to his motherland was beyond the horizon. It is pertinent to mention here judicial commission had given three chances to Mansoor Ijaz to appear before it and submit the proofs, he claimed to have, however, all the times, he refused to come citing different reasons.

On Saturday, January 28, 2012, Mansoor's Counsel, Akram Sheikh requested the Supreme Court to record Mansoor's statement abroad, which was rejected. MAK, the founder of 'Pakistan Strategy Forum', condemned the ban on Hussain Haqqani's bid to fly in and out of country and asked the government to restore his rights as first citizen of state.  Also, on January 26, 2012 International Commission of Jurists expressed its grave concern for the infringement of rights of Hussain Haqqani, former Pakistan Ambassador to the United States of America.

"Hussain Haqqani faced a vicious media trial following which the Supreme Court of Pakistan on a petition debarred him from traveling abroad, despite the fact that he had not been charged with any crime," said Sheila Varadan, International Legal Advisor at the ICJ Asia-Pacific Regional Office. She said Hussain Haqqani continues to receive threats and has been painted as disloyal to the country. "There is, though, no proof of any betrayal of his duties as an ambassador of Pakistan to the United States." His counsel, Zahid Bukhari, confirmed that Hussain Haqqani is under threat and has taken refuge in the compound of the Prime Minister's residence. "We are calling on the Pakistani authorities to respect Hussain Haqqani's right to be presumed innocent and to remove restriction on his right to leave the country and any other restriction on his right to freedom of movement," added Sheila Varadan. "They must also ensure his personal safety at all times and respect his right to a fair and impartial hearing throughout the Inquiry process."

"In light of the latest development, shouldn't the travel ban on country's ex-ambassador to the United States be lifted, after all he is innocent till proven guilty," MAK questioned.

During the last hearing of judicial commission, Zahid Bukhari, counsel for ex-ambassador Hussain Haqqani said both he and his client have 100 p.c. faith in the judicial system and that meticulous investigation can prove whether Haqqani drafted the memo or not. The judicial commission, which was set up by the apex court to investigate the 'memogate' scandal on January 1, and within a month has failed to complete its task within due course of time. The secretary of high-powered commission has asked the apex court to extend its time by four more weeks. Next hearing of this commission is fixed on February 9.