DUBAI  - Secretary General of the Interpol Ronald K Noble called on Interior Minister Senator A Rehman Malik in Dubai on Sunday and discussed with him the regional security issues.

The interior minister appreciated the efforts being made by the Interpol under the able leadership of secretary general Ronald K Noble, due to which the organisation was vibrant with updated database of criminals and terrorists, thus helping the world police in tracking the outlaws and terrorists worldwide.

During the meeting, Malik briefed him about Pakistan’s efforts in war against terrorism, emphasising the fact that Pakistan had lost 36,000 innocent lives in the war on terror.

The Interpol Secretary General appreciated the sacrifices and efforts undertaken by the Pakistani government extending invitation to the Interior Minister to deliver his keynote address at the Ministerial Conference, to be held this year in Italian city Rome which Malik accepted very graciously.

The Interpol feels that much work was to be done by the nations to break the nexus between the terrorists and drug barons.

The Interpol also felt that terrorists’ financing needed to be curbed by the nations to make the world terrorism-free and safe. It also appreciated the initiative of Pakistan in this regard.  The interior minister also invited the secretary general as a chief guest to trans-national organised conference, going to be held particularly with reference to the drug proceeds and financing for terrorism.  He called upon the world community to take tough measures against the drug barons, as they were not only detrimental to the society in terms of increase in addicts but also contributing to terrorist acts because of heavy financing.

Malik also brought to the notice of Noble the difficulties being experienced in getting the internet data for some of the service providers, to which the Interpol chief graciously promised that Pakistan will be helped especially for the data relating to the terrorists and threats to various citizens in the country.

Malik also requested for help in getting Umar Farooq, presently living in Europe, who was required to comply with the orders of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Noble appreciated the efforts and contributions of the interior minister against the acts of terrorists and was glad to note that because of the effective measures by the Pakistani government, the was a reduction in terrorists’ acts.

The Interpol secretary general consented to visit Pakistan this year.