From 1958 to 1969, the Golden sixties, country’s GDP growth jumped to an average annual rate of 6 per cent from 3 per cent in the 1950s, the manufacturing sector expanded by 9 per cent annually. Pakistan’s manufactured exports were higher than the exports of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia combined.

Today, Thailand’s exports are $193 billion while Malaysia and Indonesia were exporting goods worth $150 billion and Pakistan is jubilant by exporting merchandise of $25 billion only.

Our exports should have been or could be over two hundred billion dollar if we were producing cheap electricity by hydle means to run industry, rail and transport on cheaper electricity.

On Friday last, government arranged an event for an all-party briefing on the state of economy and the challenges it faces. Believe it or not, only seven parliamentarians out of total of 55 who had accepted the invitation attended the meeting. No Senator or Member of the National Assembly from the opposition or coalition partners attended the event, where the finance ministry pulled together about 25 senior officials of the finance and economic affairs divisions.

This makes the point that how serious they are for not resolving the issues of economy because they are getting everything under the sky almost free of cost.

Have a look at the resources; the country owns fifth and third largest untapped, untouched reserves of gold & copper and coal respectively.

According to a rough estimate, value of coal reserves in Pakistan is around $30 trillion that is 187 times more than the GDP of Pakistan. Yes, the worth of our coal reserves is higher than the combined oil reserves of Saudi Arabia and Iran. Only 2pc of Pakistani coal reserves could generate 20,000MW electricity for almost 50 years. We are seventh largest milk producer, one of the best canal systems in the world, huge agricultural lands, more than half of the population is below 30, best brains in the world, large winding areas, bright sun almost nine months of the year, huge human resource, Despite this never ending wealth, Pakistani people and industry are facing the worst power crisis and the country itself has $ 58 billion external debts.

– Abdul Basit