LAHORE – As there is no scarce of mineral resources in the country, Pakistan has potential to enter into the ranks of developed countries and become self-sufficient after setting up cottage industry across the country.

This was the upshot of speakers who spoke at the launching ceremony of book “Export and Earn Money” here, says a press release. Those who spoke on the occasion include Allama Abdus Sattar Asim, Nafeesa Malhi, Rabia Ashfaq, Syed Mohammad Tahir, Rahat Ali, Saleem Aali, Mohammad Amjad, Nighat Rana, Maryam Farooq and Shumaila Noor.

Rabia Ashfaq, while commenting on the book, said that one can become millionaire after reading this book carefully while Syed Tahir said that country’s budget deficit can be reduced significantly by enhancing exports and controlling imports. The writer of the book Maqsood Chughtai said that he has introduced cottage industry of Faisalabad and Sialkot as a campaign.