KHANEWAL - Former EDO Sheikh Bashir was remembered on eve of his death anniversary here the other day.

Sheikh Bashir arrived in the district as District Education Officer in July 1985 and won the hearts of locals with his kind heartedness and honesty. He was a man of action who had one passion to penetrate all the dark places by opening primary schools and seminaries in mosques in every village and Kachi Abadis of the Khanewal district.

Sh Bashir moved around every middle and high schools collecting information for their up-gradation to the next higher stage. As a government employee, he always kept his limited stay in his mind. He spent his life in promoting education.

Sheikh Bashir Ahmad had a heart of compassion and total abandonment to his love for the poor. He made many appeals to the MPA’s, MNA’s and senators of that time in the district to give consideration to the applications of the most neglected people of the society for appointment in education department in their respective constituencies.