WAZIRABAD - Strong and independent election commission is must for transparent polls and the party tickets should be decided at local level.

Sajid Hussain Chattha, a retired bureaucrat and would-be candidate from the constituency of NA-101, said told the newsmen in his native village Ahmad Nagar on Wednesday.

While introducing himself, he said, “Social work and politics is now my life as I don’t believe in discrimination.” He said to bring change in attitude of general public and to understand their problems, the rulers will have to changer their way of thinking. Sajid Chattha said that the change in social order is must to clean politics and “I will like to start politics through social services.” He said feudal lords and Industrialists have been exploiting innocent masses by ruling them even after begging votes from them. He said that decision of distributing party tickets must be taken at local level by the people of concerning constituency.

Sajid pointed out that strong and clean politics is his election slogan, adding, he would give priority to the problems of youth, women and minorities as these are the neglected classes of the country. He said tenancy is main cause of lower production in Pakistan. Contrary to this, per acre yield is high in India because of self-cultivation, he added.

Answering a question about dictatorship he said, “Neither we can blame just Army nor acquit it of imposition of Martial Law as circumstances always remained different every time.” He stated that Hamid Nasir Chattha is a well-experienced and seasoned politician, he should now play the role of king maker.