KARACHI - More than 120 experts from across Pakistan will be conducting workshops, seminars and practical sessions at the Icon 2012, a three-day health symposium being hosted by the Indus Hospital in an effort to address critical issues and break barriers in healthcare.

Formally inaugurated on Friday at The Indus Hospital, The Icon 2012 will also feature presentations from renowned international speakers through video conferencing covering the latest issues and key developments in the specialties of cardiology, paediatrics, infectious diseases, nephrology, family medicine, medicine, general surgery, anaesthesiology, orthopaedics, urology, clinical nursing and ENT.

Stressing the need to improve health-care delivery, Dr Abdul Bail Khan highlighted the importance of focusing on the latest research methodologies to break barriers in healthcare which is the theme of Icon 2012.

“As we enter a new era of healthcare innovations, it is important to focus on treatment as well as prevention. At the Indus Hospital, prevention is central to our mandate. Therefore, we remain at the forefront of research and innovation and are committed to identify the factors contributing to the emergence of widespread diseases so that we can actively implement interventions aimed at prevention and treatment. The Icon 2012 is yet another step forward in this direction. It is a platform for all of us to learn from each other and an opportunity for all of us to stay abreast of key developments in the world of healthcare and drive change by challenging the status quo and breaking the barriers holding us back”, he added.

Commending Indus hospital for taking the initiative to collaborate with key players to improve healthcare delivery in Pakistan, Professor Zafarullah Ch further emphasised the need for institutional partnerships to facilitate an exchange of ideas, capacity building and transfer knowledge amongst experts who have a critical role to play.