Standing Committee of National Assembly on Law and Justice has approved the draft of 20th constitutional amendment bill moved to protect the by elections held under the incomplete Election Commission.

Seven members were present out of 17 when the NA body approved it. The main aim of the bill concerning by-elections tabled by Minister for Religious Affairs Syed Khursheed Shah is to rectify a flaw which came to light when the hearing of a petition filed by Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan, the Supreme Court questioned the legal status of lawmakers who had been elected as members of parliament and provincial assemblies in by-elections held at a time when the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) was incomplete due to non-appointment of its members required under the 18th Constitution Amendment.

The Supreme Court (SC) had given time to the government for amendment to protect members of National and provincial assemblies who were elected till February o6. The court has warned that if parliament would not protect the members than court would suspend their membership.

Committee chairperson Naseem Chaudhry chaired the meeting held to review the preparation of electoral lists issue and constitutional amendment. No PML-N member attended the proceedings. The bill will be sent to National assembly for voting.

The committee has termed the Election Commission of Pakistan's (ECP) authority to prepare electoral rolls unconstitutional.

Sub-committee of NA body presented its report regarding the lists, which said that under the Constitution local governments are entitled to carry out this responsibility. Confusion needed to be removed, the report demanded.