FAISALABAD - The people in Faisalabad district have been deprived of nine  motorcycles, cash, golden jewellery, mobile phones and other valuable items in 22 incidents of dacoity, robbery and theft during last 24 hours.

According to the information gathered by the police department, 4 armed bandits stormed into the house of Liaqat Ali in Batala Colony and looted cash, golden ornaments and mobile phones while one Iqbal was deprived of a motorcycle in Kalim Shaheed Colony and Muhammad Nadeem of cash, mobile phone in Mohallah Islam Pura.

The outlaws also took away 4 batteries from the tower of Tariq Parvaiz in Siddhupura, cash and mobile phone from Ejazul Haq in Liaqat Chowk, a motorcycle from Sajid in Chak No.221-RB, a motorcycle from Azhar Mehmood in Chak No.289-RB, cash, golden jewellery and mobile phones from the house of Tariq Saleem in Nisar Colony.

Similarly, 6 dacoits also forced their entry into the house of Iftikhar Siddiqui in Millat Colony and stolen a motorcycle from there whereas Abdul Hannan was deprived of cash Rs 5,500 in W-block and Imran of cash and mobile phone in Chak No.203-RB. In another incident, the criminals lifted two buffaloes from the Dera of Mumtaz Ali in Chak No.161-RB while a motorcycle was snatched from Shehzad in Tariq Abad, a motorcycle from Rafiq in Rafiq Colony, a motorcycle from Arif at Jail Road and cash, mobile phone and golden jewellery from the house of Shameem Bibi in Chak No.169-RB.

The robbers also took hostage the staff of a post office in Nishatabad area and looted cash from there at gunpoint while an applied for motorcycle, cash and mobile phone was snatched from Zeeshan in Noshahi Chowk, cash, mobile phone and golden ornaments from the family of Saeed Ahmad near Makkoana, a motorbike from Zahid near Mullan Bridge, cash of Rs 125,000 from Nadeem in Chak No.105-GB while two motorcycles, cash and mobile phones were snatched near Amban Wali Pulli.

The police registered separate cases of these incidents and started investigation.