GUJRANWALA - JUI-F President Maulana Fazlur Rehman has said that masses in Pakistan are not satisfied with the government and Balochistan problem should be solved on political basis.

JUI-F leader was addressing a public gathering here at Sheranwala Bagh where power outages caused security problems a number of times.

Fazl said it was due to ‘flawed policies’ that insurgency was re-surfacing in Balochistan province. “We have already an experience of fighting in Bengal,” Fazl said.

He added Kashmir problem could not be solved by force and peaceful negotiations were the only solution to the problem. Fazl vowed to make Pakistan a welfare state by implementing golden principles of Islam and its rich history. He said all institutions should work within their limits.

He said Pakistan needed to free itself of US and West’s slavery. The JUI-F chief was of the view that Pakistan had been acting on an imported foreign policy for last 10 years and verbal compromises had destroyed the national integrity. “Prime Minister does consult his allies and the Parliament but unable able to implement its decisions and forced to work on imposed agenda,” he said.

Opposition Leader in Senate Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri and former MNA Hafiz Hussain Ahmad also addressed the gathering.

Fazl said after fall of communism in Afghanistan, the capitalism was also breathing its last on the streets of the United States. “The Americans are now demanding Islamic economic system before Wall Street after experiencing two extremes of communism and capitalism. Extremism is a global problem which must not be labelled with Islamic world and especially Pakistan should not be painted as a terrorist state,” he said. He said Pakistan had become a security state in the name of terror while the US and its allies were at the verge of defeat in Afghanistan. “Pakistan is purposely being kept as a security state,” he added.

He said corruption would remain rampant in the country until and unless the economic system was bettered and the philosophy of Islamic economic system was the only solution to the global economic problems.

Fazl said he did not want an Islamic system on gunpoint. JUI chief said insurgency was on the rise in Balochistan while Pakistan needed peace.

Meanwhile, frequent power outages, a couple of times, plunged the participants into dark raising security concerns during the public meeting. As the light went off, the JUI-F chief said the whole country was in dark and his party would lighten it.