LAHORE - In a changed political scenario wherein the PPP-led coalition government seems to be in a comfortable position, the PML-N leadership is meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) at Lahore to devise a new strategy in line with the existing realities.

The PML-N chief Mian Nawaz Sharif who arrived back Sunday morning after a week-long foreign visit, has called his party’s senior leaders at his Raiwind residence on Tuesday to elicit their opinion on different issues of political importance.

It has been learnt that issues relating to 20th amendment in the Constitution, party’s stance on relations with the US (issue to be debated by the joint sitting of the Parliament), upcoming Senate elections, party’s response to the government on setting up of independent Election Commission and modalities of holding early elections would be discussed at length. Matters concerning negotiations with opposition parties to force the government to hold early elections would also be on the agenda of Tuesday’s meeting. 

Sources told TheNation that PML-N leaders would assess the current political situation and chalk out a new line of action commensurate to the new situation.

The ground realities are that government is now out of the pressure it was in for the last couple of months due to memo scandal and the NRO case. The Senate elections in March this year also seem a reality now.

And the most important of all is the development that government has apparently mended its fences with the army whose cooperation is vital for any political change. 

Political analysts believe that recent developments easing pressure on the government have put the PML-N in a state of dilemma regarding its future course of action. It has already put on hold one of its three options, that of resignations from assemblies, and sees willing to take part in Senate elections. This move was earlier planned to forestall Senate polls and to force the government to announce early elections. A Long March on Islamabad and mass agitation were other two options to be exercised, most probably, before the Senate elections to get rid of the present rulers.

Under the changed circumstances, the PML-N is less likely to exercise any of these options because the situation is not conducive for such an adventure.  

An added factor to the existing political environment is an overture by the government which has hinted at the possibility of holding general elections sometime in September or October this year after passage of the federal budget which it plans to present in the National Assembly a month earlier. The new computerised electoral rolls would be ready only till June.

In view of these factors, the PML-N is left with limited options. Analysts say that it would either have to review its existing policy in the light of new realities or continue with the already devised policy. The latter option does not seem to be feasible at the moment.  A PML-N source, however, said that no new policy was going to be formulated in tomorrow’s meeting, but slight adjustments were likely in view of the present situation. “The leadership would only decide which of the three options should be exercised and at what time,” he added.

Meanwhile, Leader of the Opposition, Ch Nisar Ali Khan called on Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif on Sunday and finalised the agenda of the upcoming meeting.