MOHMAND AGENCY - Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI), Fata chapter, will hold a protest sit-in in Peshawar if the government once again permits Nato supply to Afghanistan.

Addressing a public gathering at Danishkol in Mohmand Agency on Sunday, PTI, Fata, Chief Organiser Dr Bashir Khan urged the government to halt military operations and drone attacks in tribal areas. 

He observed that tribesmen had been passing through a critical phase of life just because of the wrong policies by the government.

PTI, Fata chapter, will hold a sit-in in Peshawar, if the government announces resumption of Nato supply, he said, adding that they would not accept resumption of supply to Nato forces in Afghanistan through Pakistan.

There is no remarkable foreign policy in the country and present policy is serving the US interests.

He alleged that drone attacks in tribal areas were being carried out with the government permission. He said they demanded of the government to stop it immediately.

He said that military operations would never bring peace in Fata, so the government should hold negotiations. On this occasion, PTI, Fata chapter, chief organiser presented recommendations for tribal areas, saying that Fata should be declared a separate province; education facilities should be ensured in the whole of tribal region; solid steps for promotion of agriculture and eradication of unemployment should also be taken on priority basis.