SADIQABAD - The Gender Mainstreaming Committee held a meeting in Zarai College Rahim Yar Khan to find ways to stop violence against women.

The meeting presided over by the district coordination officer, stressed the need for making collective efforts to fulfil the responsibility of strengthening women and called it a national responsibility.

The DCO also appreciated the literature published on ‘Gender Responsive Planning and Budgeting’. He formed a committee comprising Naveed Aslam and Samina Ashraf. The committee will contact with all the executive district officers in this regard. The officer said the a society prospers only when men and women are provided equal opportunities to work. He added that such life style helped improve individuals’ economic life.

‘PTI CHANGED POLITICS’: The PTI’s ‘unambiguous’ manifesto has given a new direction to the national politics and it is giving preference to the qualified and skilled youth to join the party, claimed the PTI Sadiqabad secretary. 

Talking to media representatives, Hamayon Riaz, who is also chief of Al-Khair Foundation, said that the present political situation in the country was unbearable. He added that the government, backed by its friendly opposition, had increased the unemployment ratio as our literate and skilled persons are unemployed.

“In the party manifesto, Imran Khan has shown his dependence on the youth of Pakistan and termed them vital for development of the country,” the local leader said. Therefore, he maintained, the youth in crowds were getting on the PTI bandwagon so as to play their vital role to change the direction of the present politics.

He also disclosed that a meeting would be held in Union Council D/4, Muhajir Colony unit to elect officeholders who will later take oath as well. He added that he would himself participate in the party elections and the oath-taking ceremony.