ISLAMABAD - Federal Minister for Information Senator Pervaiz Rasheed has claimed that after falling flat on his rigging charges in the four constituencies, now Imran Khan was retracting from his earlier stand.

Addressing a press conference here on Thursday, the minister questioned, “What is the guarantee that Imran Khan will not question the findings of judicial commission, if it is formed, and will not launch a movement against it.”

He also said there was no guarantee that Imran would not challenge the findings of the proposed judicial commission, which he has been demanding to probe the alleged election rigging charges.

“Will Imran Khan file an application if judicial commission gives its decision,” he asserted.

Pervaiz said that the four constituencies about which Imran Khan was expressing reservations had already been opened in the election tribunals.

Pervez said Imran had been doing politics of disruption and hindering the public welfare projects. “Those who travel in a private jet are censuring others without any proofs,” he said.

Coming up with scathing criticism, he said that the PTI chief never appeared before the court during the last eight months to produce proofs of election rigging.

“Imran didn’t appear before the court for the last eight months. After that an advertisement was issued against PTI chairman and his counsel for their absence,” he said.

Responding to Imran Khan’s allegations, Pervez said that Imran could accept only the rulings passed by him. “Imran Khan expresses joy over court ruling that is passed in his favour”.

The minister said that Imran Khan had levelled allegations against former chief justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and later tendered an apology.

APP adds: He also said Imran has been levelling ‘false and baseless allegations’ against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and members of his family and opposing projects launched for people’s welfare.

He said owners of aeroplanes were talking about the poor people and a person who goes to perform Umrah on a private jet raises fingers against others.

Rebutting allegations of Imran, he said the PM and government ministers had declared their assets before the Election Commission and filed their tax returns.

The Sharif family was doing business even before the independence of Pakistan, he reminded.

Referring to the latest press conference of PTI chief, he said Imran continued his allegations about Ramzan Sugar Mills, which is owned by Salman Shahbaz, the son of Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif.