KARACHI - Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain on Thursday again flip-flopped on his earlier announced decision to abdicate party leadership, and alleged Pakistan Army as well as almost all the political opponents of victimising MQM.

Earlier in the day Altaf Hussain had told the media he would address party workers for the last time on Friday (today) and leave the party for good. At night, he reversed his decision ‘on the insistence of party workers’ who, according to him, wanted him to continue as party head.

The MQM chief in his address said the party would not tolerate the ‘extrajudicial’ killing of the party workers and directed the workers to observe wheel-jam strike of assassination of MQM workers continue.

He alleged Pakistan Army and ISI have been hatching conspiracies against MQM in the past too, and demanded action against those law enforces who, he said, were carrying out ‘extrajudicial’ killing of MQM workers.

Altaf Hussain said that many people have been ‘martyred’ so far and I do not want this trickle to come to gush. “The establishment always created obstacles (for MQM) and even accused me of being an agent of RAW,” he said, adding that he wanted to save Pakistan but he could do nothing but pray for good of the country.

After his announcement that his address on the foundation stone laying ceremony of Hyderabad University on January 30 would be his last speech to party workers and after which he would have nothing to do with the MQM, large number of party workers and sympathisers reached MQM headquarter Nine-Zero where MQM coordination committee and MQM legislators were also present. The charged workers chanted slogans in favour of Altaf Hussain.

Addressing the workers gathered there, MQM chief said that years ago a newspaper published that the people belonging to a specific community were not allowed to submit application for jobs in government after the promulgation of the quota system in the province, which is still in practice. He held Pakistan Army and ISI responsible for continuation of the quota system.

MQM chief said that Brigadier Imtiaz came with a bag of money but he refused to take it saying that “I am not the man who would compromise on its movement”. Stating various incidents including the Paka Qila Hyderabad, Orangi Town and others he alleged ISI for bringing various ethnic groups against the Muhajir and inciting clashes that resulted in the death of hundreds of Muhajirs. At that time, he said, he had I suggested the workers and sympathisers to buy weapons for their security by selling out their televisions and fridges as these products were of little value when their very life was on stake.

Criticizing Awami National Party Sindh chief Shahi Syed, Altaf said that Shahi, who was not even recognised by the ANP leadership, was made party president in Sindh and he carried out killings of Muhajirs by establishing Loya Jirga.

He said the PPP formed Lyari Aman Committee and Zulfiqar Mirza, as provincial home minister, issued thousands of licence for arms openly claiming he issued these licence for killing the Muhajirs. The activists of Lyari Aman Committee, which Altaf said was actually a group of extortionists and criminals, were given freehand to kill citizens of Karachi. They slaughtered Muhajirs and played football with heads of mutilated bodies, he said. Were the Rangers not present in the city to save the people at that time, he asked.

Altaf Hussain alleged that Rangers arrested around a dozen MQM workers during a raid at a game shop in Scheme-33 and bodies of three of them bearing torture marks were recovered later. Rangers DG Rizwan Akhtar, who is now ISI chief, denied about the incident even when asked by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

He alleged that the PPP, rangers and ISI came to an agreement and decision was made to carry out extrajudicial killings of the MQM workers. He warned against victimising the MQM or the workers would be forced to retaliate and the situation might get worse like the situation in the Balochistan.