London  - Ellie Goulding wouldn’t know what to think if her boyfriend got her name tattooed on him. The 28-year-old singer is known worldwide thanks to her chart-topping albums Lights and Halcyon, the source of hit tracks such as Explosions and I Need Your Love, featuring Calvin Harris. But not everyone is familiar with her unique moniker, as proven during a recent event where fellow A-lister Michelle announced Ellie’s performance. ‘It’s pronounced ‘golding’, but it’s spelt Goulding. So when people get it wrong I really shouldn’t get annoyed,’ she told BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show host Nick Grimshaw.

‘I played at a Versace show the other night, which was cool, and someone said, ‘Oh my God’ it was Michelle Rodriguez! Gorgeous. ‘I will say she looked amazing, but she did say - she obviously doesn’t know who I am - she went, ‘Oh my God, we’ve got a very special surprise for you guys, Eli Goolding!’ I couldn’t even be bothered to correct her. But whatever, that happens sometimes. Not many people know my name is Elena; that’s my full name.’

Ellie’s last appearance on the radio programme involved a prank call to her boyfriend, musician Dougie Poynter, in which host Nick pretended he was Johnny Depp. Dougie tried to get his girlfriend back during his time on the show by saying he had the words ‘Belly Goulding’ inked onto his stomach, but Ellie was having none of it. ‘If he said he’d got my name, I probably would have believed maybe no, would I have believed it? Ellie Goulding. What a great tattoo,’ she laughed.

The star was determined to make it big from a young age, studying theatre at Kent University in England. But it was thanks to her tutors that she took the big step into the unknown to follow her dream of becoming a singer. ‘I was going back and forward from doing open mic nights in London to being at uni and then it just got. I am now, but all the time, just exhausted so I couldn’t do it all, and then my teachers at uni told me to quit because they thought I should well that’s not very good, they told me to quit, but they obviously thought I should do music,’ she recalled.