LAHORE: Provincial Minister for Law and Finance Mujtaba Shujaur Rehman says the government is implementing a three-tier strategy for sensitizing population planning through proactive advocacy campaigns, enhancement and improvement in the operational efficiency of service delivery outlets and active community participation in the population programmes. According to him, the government has established 1,500 family welfare centers, 110 mobile service units, 118 family health clinics and 1,456 social mobilizers for the guidance and service delivery to the people regarding population welfare initiatives.

Mujtaba said 53 mini hospitals were going to be set up at Tehsil level to provide vasectomy services. He said that population welfare programmes aim at improving mother and neonatal’s health as well as reducing population growth rate from 1.92 percent 1.59 per cent.

Likewise, non-programme outlets including active participation of NGOs, ulema, media-men and other community leaders have been ensured to realize the benefits of small family  to the people at large.

He said that the specific objectives of the programmes launched by the provincial and federal government are to reduce the under five mortality rate from 45/1000 to less than 40 per thousand live births and maternal mortality ratio to 140/10000.