A:     Not surprised at all. No self-respecting man who wishes to do something good for the masses would be comfortable working with the power-hungry Sharif brothers. It’s good that he resigned as Governor Punjab. Perhaps now he can really do something for the people. The country can benefit from his years of experience and ties with the international community.

S:     You’re forgetting that he was invited and appointed by the same Sharif brothers. It’s not like they told him that they were going to make him the Chief Minister, and then tricked him into becoming the Governor, which everyone knows is a ceremonial position. Did he really not know that he wouldn’t have much power? Did he know nothing about the PML-N leadership? I’m sorry, but I don’t think he is that naïve. Your naiveté, on the other hand, is quite shocking. You can’t possibly fall for this I-wanna-do-more-for-the-motherland talk.

A:     Maybe he was given assurances. Maybe he was told that he would have more power at his disposal. Maybe he envisioned a more proactive role for himself. I think that he had become completely disillusioned with the PML-N. Sometimes you don’t realise how rotten the system is until you become a part of it and see it from the inside. It must have become clear to him that he was in a hopeless position and decided to take his leave from that stifling environment.

S:     I can neither confirm nor deny these assertions but that’s all they are: assertions. We can’t possibly know exactly what transpired behind closed doors. In any case, he’s not going anywhere, is he? Let’s see what he does now. His actions will give us a fair idea about the whole situation. Whether it was his undying love for the downtrodden masses or something far less romantic that lead to his departure, it will all become very clear.