KARACHI - The Pakistan Airline (PIA) and Pakistan Airline Pilot Association (PALPA) is likely to sign a Working Agreement (WA) by July 31, as negotiations on WA are going successfully, said a reliable PALPA source. The pilots have agreed for the salary raise of 13 % from now on. It is worth mentioning that Palpa has suggested upto 19.5 per cent increase in salaries during the last few meetings with the management of PIA. In its reply, the PIA MD showed willingness for a 13 per cent increment from next month, while 6.5 % would be increased in August 2010. This proposal was not acceptable for the members of Palpa, so the meeting was concluded with the settlement of 13 % salary raise in pilots salaries from August. Despite the fact that Palpa wants the increment from 1st May 2009, but it has to accept that, said the source. He added that the meeting was held on the night of Tuesday and that is why the agreement was not signed the same day. Otherwise, the agreement could have signed. The increased amount will be allocated to the director flight operation, whereas the Palpa officials will decide its distribution process. There are few members of Palpa who have reservations on the agreement, but we have asked them to accept the 13 % increment as the Airline is in not in satisfactory financial condition. We want the Airline to work smoothly and deliver all possible facilities to its passengers, said the source. He further added that 09 chapters of the working agreement are being settled which include the major portion of finances. The next 03 chapters that are needed to be discussed, there would be no issues on these matters as management has shown positive signs on its clauses. It will be finalised by 2 or 3 days and then the signing of Working Agreement will take place. On the other hand, the management of PIA has shown satisfaction over the line of action on which the PIA and Palpa are proceeding. The official from PIA said that the association has realised the financial constrains of the Airline and has decided to do the right thing by accepting 13 % salary increment. The meetings were being attended by President, Vice President, General Secretary, Joint Secretary and Treasurer of the Palpa and PIA had been represented by Director Flight Operation, GM Planning and scheduling, GM Training, GM Finance and Deputy General Manager Human resource.