MULTAN - Senior adviser to Punjab Chief Minister and Senator Sardar Zulfiqar Ali Khosa has said that the rulers want elections to be held in February or March but the country cannot afford any further delay in fresh polls. Talking to the journalists while inspecting a Ramazan Bazaar here on Sunday, he added that the rulers wanted to complete their term but it would prove fatal for the country. He said that corruption ruined all institutions while 45 per cent of total industry got shut because of loadshedding. “The situation is the worst. People are shifting their industry and business to other countries,” he added.

He said that the PML-N wanted to act upon Charter of Democracy in letter and spirit but the current PPP leadership backed out of all commitments. To a question on electoral alliance with any party, he said that alliances were a quite natural thing in politics and every one would come to know about it if any alliance was made.

He said that his party had no threat from the PTI.

Referring to Ramazan Bazaars, he said that he had so far inspected many bazaars in 18 districts of Punjab where subsidy was offered on items like atta, gram, pulses, ghee, vegetables, fruits and some other things. He said that the rates of daily-use items in Ramazan Bazaars were comparatively lower than the city markets. “These bazaars have succeeded to achieve the goal of offering relief to the citizens in the holy month of Ramazan.”