BAJAUR AGENCY - A girl was seriously injured as mortar shells fired from across the border landed at the house of a local in the Sarkai Kandoo border area of Mohmand area in Bajaur Agency on Saturday night.

Local administration said that the mortars were fired from across the border which landed at the village and hit the house of a local, Gulab Khan ,adding, that the some parts of the house were damaged in the attack.

The injured girl was taken to the agency headquarters hospital Khar for treatment. The local administration has confirmed the incident stating that the militants living in Kunar province were responsible for the attack , an official of the local administration said on Sunday . Volunteers of Mohmand Peace Committee took their positions in the area close to the Pak Afghan border soon after the mortar shell landed in the Mohmand territory.

Militants living inside the Kunar province have increased attacks on the border areas of the Bajaur tribal region and several attacks had been made since the last two months.

“The Mohmand tribe have made arrangements for the encountering across the borders attacks in the region.”

 and for this purpose they have established dozens of new posts and deployed hundreds of fresh volunteers in the borders area of the region,” Noor a senior member of Mohmand Peace Committee said.