LAHORE – salman abduhu - The new communication technology cannot only expedite the industrial activities but can also improve socio economic progress in the country, experts said.

“In monetary matters particularly, every rupee note has a unique serial number and so the movement of each buck can be tracked down through this technology. In this way, the dream of fair taxation can be achieved and its use can be maintained, they observed. Moreover, illegal accumulation and usage of property and possessions can also be checked,” they added.

According to them, communication is not only vital to a tourist but it is the basic necessity for anyone, be it residing in urban region or in a far flung area. It should not be surprising for us that rural to urban migration is intensifying each day due to lack of modern facilities including latest technology in rural areas. The communication technology-starved population in remote areas should be equipped with power of new communication technology, which has no access to global information whether it is related to industrial and trade activities, education, health, jobs or other social expressions of life, experts suggested.

They were of the view that with the constraints of existing broadband, this dilemma will continue to thrive. A breakthrough such as third generation technology is needed to counter this national hitch. This mobile broadband is powered to provide the fastest broadband speed without any geographical limitations, outstanding the existing less efficient broadband in our country.

Pakistan is blessed with spectacular beauty in north but unfortunately one can share the epic experiences with himself only as mobile signals fizzle, let alone the broadband for any social networking or communication. On the contrary, the trip to North Olympic Peninsula, USA or any part of the developed country is exhilarating not only because of the wilderness in all its primitive, breathtaking beauty but also because of the facilities offered by the resorts there. Photographs taken can be uploaded on Facebook promptly and communication with family and friends through mobile network and broadband did not die down even once.

Amongst the leading communication experts, Pervez Iftikhar has already broken grounds in the communication sector. Former CEO of Universal Service Fund and currently a telecom industry consultant at Integrated Communication Technology, he is convinced that the present national situation of the country is conducive to the adaptation of third generation technology. He opines that 3G technology will bring plethora of benefits that will have profound impact on socio-economic and industrial development in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s status quo calls for 3G technology to expedite the progress in socio-economic development. Health Information System employed with the courtesy of 3G technology can be used to transfer medical images and reports instantly from a remote rural area to a consultant doctor in a modern city for expert opinion.

Law and order situation and security affairs can be streamlined with the use of broadband, benefiting the government largely. Face recognition systems and biometrics with data banks directly linked with NADRA can serve miraculous purposes. Security officers can use this to maintain an efficient identity check and subsequently minimize terrorist activities. Transparency can also be preserved with the use of 3G technology.

Former CEO of Universal Service Fund has done significant homework with respect to introducing 3G technology in Pakistan. Apprehensions regarding this technology particularly in rural areas have been resolved on an international forum. Pervez’s small projects such as telecenters for rural regions and other innovative designs implemented on a bigger scale can turn the far-fetched dream of deploying broadband in Pakistan into a reality very soon.

It is hard to say that 3G technology, merely a mobile broadband, employed by one team or one sector will bring national revolution overnight. However, to maximize its productivity, it should be utilized in various meaningful pursuits. 3G technology will fetch small positive changes and an amalgamation of these will incite magnanimous positive transformations.