KARACHI – Spokesperson for the Palestine Foundation (PLF) Pakistan on Sunday vehemently criticised the government for not issuing visas to Palestinian leaders, who wanted to attend the International Palestine Solidarity conferences in Pakistan.

In a statement, Sabir Karbalai said the government did not grant visa to former (Hammas government) foreign minister Dr Mehmood Khalid Al Zahar, Khader M S Habib, Khalid M M Absaidu and Mr Ahmed K S Al Mudalal.

He said these leaders had lodged visa applications on July 10 with the Pakistan Embassy in Cairo, but the requests of the Islamic movement leaders were rejected without any cogent reason.

He said the embassy claimed that they had not received the no-objection certificate (NOC) for the entry of the leaders from the Interior Ministry of Pakistan.

He alleged that Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik, on the directives of his American masters, did not give the required NOC to the Palestinian leaders.

It may be mentioned here that the Palestine Foundation Pakistan is organising the International Palestine Solidarity Conferences on July 29-31 in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad and Karachi respectively, to express solidarity with the people of Palestine.